day One or one Day? You decide

Nov. 25, 2020

While clearly not me, this was almost my stride πŸ™‚

Namaste, dear friends, I am very encouraged by the response from all my friends and family after my first note last week.

It was the 5k Thanksgiving Turkey Trot I had this week that inspired this note.  In July 1999, we had taken, what was then (and until today continues to be) our first cruise – it was a 7-day Alaska cruise and after only first full day onboard, I realized the gluttonous experience that I was soaking in – 5 meals a day – besides the obvious breakfast, lunch, dinner, there was a mid-afternoon snack and to top the day, there was this midnight snack. You see, the sun sets at 11:30 pm in Alaska in summer, and they would serve these amazing desserts in keeping up with the holiday mood, right at sunset.  On Day 2, I realized I had to do something before I bloated up. So, I went to the gym where I saw 3 treadmills: the left and right ones were taken by these young ladies who were jogging, leaving the middle one open. Heck, I was young too – I had just turned 37 then.  After a couple minutes of warm-up, I increased the speed and started running. A minute into it, I started panting, and I had to slow down. After a few mins, I tried again, and sure enough, after another minute, I was breathless again.  These 2 young ladies, who were friends, were chatting about their plans for when we’d arrive at shore, while running a good pace. Did I tell you I had never jogged in my life before that day?  After we returned from that trip, I reflected on that Day 2 of our cruise and I walked over to a high school jogging track that was close to our home. It is there where I began my journey. Initially, I could jog only half a lap (1/8th of a mile or 200 yards). But, over time I gradually increased my distance to 16 laps (4 miles)….and then to 24 laps (6 miles), after which I joined a runners group right at the turn of the millennium.  My passion for jogging continued: I went on from 10k to 15k to half marathons and eventually ran my first marathon in Dec 2005. 

Folks, it is never too late to start anything in life – it is just one life to live.  Sure, along the way, I have hurt my knees and my ankles and all that comes with the territory of being a jogger.  Here is the best part – all you need is a good pair of running shoes.  Some of my best memories are those focused around my running. On our vacations after 2000, while my twin daughters and wife were still sleeping, I would go for a daily morning run and scout the area near our hotel. And I would come back with suggestions of cool places I saw or restaurants that I found during my 5-6 mile runs. 

So whatever activity – that college degree – that cooking course – that dancing class – that yoga training – that computer class – which you have thought of, but are nervous about undertaking because you believe you do not have the time for it or you may be too late, just remember it is simply up to YOU to decide if you want to push it off again with β€œI will do it one day” or make today truly become your Day One. Carpe Diem !

Wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Wahe Guru! (in summary, it means “I am grateful to Him”)

Published by Rajan Sobhani

I am Grateful for His Kindness - I truly love and Appreciate Life. I try to be Humble and I Respect our Mother Earth. Most of all, I respect your Time, an expensive commodity we we lose daily. Let's be Humble. Let's Give. I Hope this blog serves to Inspire you. Please do let me know how I can do better - I solicit criticism, which I view as a form of Empathy!

24 thoughts on “day One or one Day? You decide

  1. Enjoyed the blog! It awoke my own feelings – I have aways found running liberating – moments when body and mind are in sync and nothing invades that sweet balance. thankfully I still run and enjoy it.
    Embarking on new ventures take courage and fortitude. At times it has been daunting but knowing that I shall find that sweet balance has given me the strength to forge ahead. Best wishes to all who seek new adventures- be brave.
    Happy Thanksgiving !


    1. Nisha, so very well said – for me running (before) and now very fast walking is meditational – this is the only time it is me, I and only myself – this is the only time I never answer my cell phone – I put my ear-buds and depending upon the music that I have curated on Pandora, it will either be “Enigma” like or “Air Supply” like or “Robert Miles” like or “yoga” like and occasionally “Buddha chants”, etc. – suffice to say I am lost in His love πŸ™‚ Keep running or walking with those happy feet in your lovely city of GSP (Greensboro Spartanburg) SC πŸ™‚


    2. I still remember you giving me tips over lunch on running when we met at Dallas last year. I am up to running over 100 miles per month with your motivation! Today, on thanksgiving- even though distant, I am very thankful for the note and you in our life.


      1. Aww – that is no nice to hear Amit – very little do we realize how each of us can share something that may help others or influence others – I am relieved now that you only followed the good advise but not the bad one – hahahaha πŸ™‚ Enjoy CLT and all ths sunshine in the great state of NC, dear !


  2. Happy Thanksgiving Day Buddy,
    Keep jogging it will certainly keep you fit .
    I have also started walking that’s mainly b’cause my wife is complaining I am getting fat !
    Cheers for good health.


    1. Thanks Raju – great to hear from you in IAH (Houston) – 30-min daily brisk walk will get you back and in shape and above all and this is most important – your better half will he happier – remember Happy Wife = Happy Life for not just you – your entire family including both your kids πŸ™‚


  3. So very true! Ironically the thing I want to do β€œsomeday” is take an Alaska Cruise! Keep these good thoughts coming!


    1. Laura, as soon as the spread of this current virus ends, please do take that Alaska cruise – for sure before oil exploration begins there – Alaska and her beauty may simply not be the same ever again !


  4. I always tell my friends & family, running is the easiest sport to engage. No matter where you are, just wear a pair of decent running shoes and go outside exploring the neighborhood. No need of any gym memberships or buying any equipment. Just get out and run.


    1. Jitu, I could not agree with you more – absolutely spot on – a good pair that matches our running style (degree of supination or pronation) is very critical – all too often, I will hear comments like “I use this brand or that brand or I paid $xxx for it, etc.” – it is not the brand or the price – what is essential is it must support your feet. That and Mother Earth’s beautiful and endless vistas. Not a treadmill runner either – outdoors is where we get to connect with Nature πŸ™‚


  5. Rajan,
    Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for giving everyone the gift of encouragement to follow their dreams and challenge their fears. I also agree, for me walking or doing something by myself is not alone time, it is time to align and be one with the divine spirit. Enjoy this holiday weekend with your loved ones!


    1. Ranjan, thanks for your kind note here – yes, being in state of “oneness” is simply spiritual and bliss – your note re: alignment of body and spirit to best describe that experience is so apropos here πŸ™‚ Enjoy the beautiful weather we have now here in Dallas πŸ™‚


  6. My story is similar to yours. I started running at our family holiday in Sri Lanka on the beach in 2015. I could barely run 2km then. Slowly and steadily I increased my distance every week & eventually completed my first ultra marathon (50k) in 2017 wearing my pair of the Altra Lone Peak 3 running shoes which were sent by you πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ I always remember till date when I wear them.

    I love endurance sports, I love the suffering & I love to keep challenging myself beyond my comfort zone.

    Nothing is impossible. One just needs to keep patience and results will show. Rome was not built in one day. Anyone and everyone can run a Full Marathon. It is a matter of patience.

    Thank you for putting this article out. I’m sure it will inspire many others out there who want to take up an activity for a happy and healthy life.


    1. Aww Jitu, that is so nice of you to share your kind notes here with me, especially re: shoe- I had forgotten about that -reading your note here is simply endearing- sometimes it is little gestures that as I see here, can leave an ever-lasting impression – reading your more has really touched my heart here πŸ™‚ wish you luck in your future ultra marathons – so proud to see you spread love in BOM (Mumbai) with your wild life photo taking in the deep jungles of India.


  7. Would love to travel with your family so you can go scouting for restaurants before we get up…. lol!
    Nice post Rajan.


    1. hahahaha Krishna – I stopped running about 3-4 years ago and since then have taken up very fast-paced walks – still able to go out and set the done for the day and scout fun places to visit – would love to travel with you as well once this virus spread slows down πŸ™‚


    1. speaking from my heart is the only way I know how to – although I have been in situations (mostly business) where that path was not the smartest – however I am a victim of habit like most of us – thanks dear – nice to hear from sunny Boca Raton, FL πŸ™‚


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